Downtown Freddy Brown

I'm a man with a lot of interests.

I've been a semi-pro musician for over 25 years. I play several instruments including guitar, bass, 5-string banjo, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, French horn, keyboards, ......well you get the picture.

My musical style interests vary depending on the instrument I'm playing. For instance my guitars take me into Folk, Filk (what's that?), R&R, Jazz, Gospel and, of course, Blues! My brass instruments take me to Classical, Jazz, MOR etc. But my ear takes me to any style done well!

Toronto has opened up a bit more to the single artist with more venues such as coffee shops, bagel shops, book stores etc. One of those was a little place in Brampton called Blue Dog Bagels. I played there on a Friday in November 97 and again a couple of times in December. I was supposed to continue in January 98 but we got our wires crossed a few times & it didn't work out. Next thing I know, Joe, the manager I knew, had moved on to greener pastures. A month later they were closed up. They may still have a store or two out Kitchener way but oh well....maybe I'll try Second Cup Coffee or Starbucks or Chapters Book Stores.

I moved to Ajax at the end of April 2002 and have to find all new venues for playing. I have set up a teaching business in Ajax and Brampton. Check the left margin of my front page for the link for "Lessons"

I've been a member of the Brampton Folk Club almost since it started but since I moved to Ajax and couldn't find anything similar out here, I started my own Folk club called the Durham Region Folk Circle. We meet the 4th Monday of the month (except December) at the Legion in Ajax.

I have moved again (2005) and am in Brampton now. I was just married to Maureen Banerji on July 18, 2009.

Wanna know where I'm playing?
See my "My Gigs" page for my list of gigs.

You could also check my blog from time to time

On top of all that, I'm a qualified piano tuner/technician. Once again, for more info on that just click on the
"My Piano Tuning" link on my front page.

Guitar, bass, ukulele or banjo lessons? I thought you'd never ask! Click on "My Lessons" link.

Check out my custom made music themed jewelry and my music themed imported watches. Just click on "For Sale" on the navigation bar at the top of the page.